Shaman King Announces U.S. Premiere Date

Shaman King is one of the biggest names with nostalgic anime fans, so you can see why fans were so [...]

Shaman King is one of the biggest names with nostalgic anime fans, so you can see why fans were so ecstatic when a reboot was announced. Shaman King made its big debut in Japan this year after years of waiting. And now, Netflix has confirmed the exact date Shaman King's reboot will tackle Netflix in the United States.

The show is going live on August 9th, so you can put that date down in your calendars. As you can imagine, Shaman King fans are super hyped for what this reboot will bring, and Shaman King has only gotten positive reviews in Japan so far.

As for the series itself, Shaman King dates back to July 2001 and ran for a full year with 64 episodes. It was announced that this reboot was in development in late 2020, and the show made its big debut earlier this year. Netflix did confirm it would stream the anime exclusively stateside, so all eyes have been on the service for more details.

The story itself was penned by author Seiji Mizushima for Shonen Jump. The manga, which is now finished, is still considered a hit with readers to this day. You can read the manga's official synopsis below:

"Yoh Asakura has spent years training for the Shaman Fight, an epic tournament to determine who will become the Shaman King and shape humanity's future. Unfortunately for Yoh, every shaman in the world is vying for the same prize...

To most people, ghosts are the stuff of horror stories and nightmares. But to Yoh Asakura, a transfer student at Shinra Private Junior High, they're his friends! Yoh Asakura is a shaman--one of the gifted few who can speak to spirits. by channeling ghosts into his body--like the long-dead samurai Amidamaru--he can allow them to possess him and use their powers. But a modern-day shaman faces great responsibilities, because spirits--and the people who work with them--can be very dangerous indeed."

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