Splinter Cell TV Series From John Wick Writer Coming to Netflix

It's official: Splinter Cell is coming to Netflix! The beloved action game franchise is being [...]

It's official: Splinter Cell is coming to Netflix! The beloved action game franchise is being given a TV adaptation at Netflix, thanks to writer Derek Kolstad. You may not know Kolstad's name on its own, but he's the writer behind Keanu Reeves' John Wick films. Variety reported on Thursday that Netflix and Ubisoft had teamed up for Kolstad's project, which will be an animated original series for the streamer. Kolstad will serve as writer and executive producer.

Fortunately for fans, this Splinter Cell series won't be a one-and-done kind of thing. Netflix has reportedly already given the series a two-season, 16-episode commitment. Splinter Cell will be stylized as an adult animation, though no other details about the show have been revealed at this time.

Tom Clancy began the series with Splinter Cell in 2002, which went on to spawn six sequels and seven novels. The original game follows former Navy SEAL Sam Fisher, who is recruited by the NSA to work for the Third Echelon Division. Splinter Cell has been a hit since its inception but the franchise hasn't produced a new game in seven years.

The last Splinter Cell game released was Splinter Cell: Blacklist in 2013. There have been numerous rumors and reports about the future of the franchise, but nothing official from Ubisoft has been revealed.

Talks of a new Splinter Cell game have increased lately, thanks to Sam Fisher's appearance in the DLC for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Luca Ward, the voice actor behind Sam Fisher in the Italian Splinter Cell, recently hinted that there was a "conclusive" chapter of the story on the horizon.

"There is this return of Splinter Cell which should take place I think for a conclusive episode, but I'm not sure about this," Ward said to Multiplayer.it. "However they have not yet figured out whether to do it in 2021. Before it had to be 2020, then what happened and in 2020 several big projects got stuck. Others went on like Cyberpunk 2077 on which I have almost finished working."

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