Star Wars' John Boyega Shows Off His Epic Naruto Birthday Cake

There may be a pandemic going around, but the coronavirus is not about to stop John Boyega from [...]

There may be a pandemic going around, but the coronavirus is not about to stop John Boyega from celebrating his birthday. The Star Wars actor recently celebrated his big day at home for a quarantined party amongst friends, and it was there Boyega showed off his otaku side. After all, the actor got an actual Naruto birthday cake, and we have to admit the hero has never looked so delicious before.

Over on Twitter, Boyega gave fans a peek at his party when the actor posted a video from the bash. It was there the star could be seen looking down at his birthday cake, and he is totally entranced by the sweet treat. And if Chouji were there as well, you know there would be a fight over who gets the first slice!

This little video may not seem like much, but it does give fans something to smile about during the pandemic. The novel coronavirus is continuing to infect people around the globe, so countries are taking extreme measures to help contain the spread. Many are being asked to self-quarantine to help reduce their risk of passing the virus on to others, and that is exactly what Boyega is doing.

However, as you can all see, that doesn't mean he cannot have his cake and celebrate Naruto along the way.

The cake is a pretty simple one, and it clearly brings Naruto Uzumaki to life. The bottom tier of the cake is iced after Naruto's jacket thanks to its orange-and-blue palate. The top tier brings the look together as it has a Hidden Leaf headband on it, and the tier is topped with yellow icing which mimics the ninja's golden locks.

Clearly, Boyega had a great birthday, and fans can only hope he got to celebrate it with a few other of his favorite anime. In the past, the actor has gushed over shows like Naruto in the past, and series such as Hunter x Hunter, Seven Deadly Sins, and Attack on Titan joined the conversation. So here's to hoping someone got Boyega a Zanpakuto from Bleach for his big day!

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