Studio Ghibli: Hayao Miyazaki Is Staying Tight-Lipped About His Next Movie

Director Hayao Miyazaki is keeping his next movie pitch a secret from everyone.

Studio Ghibli is gearing up for a big week, and we have the Cannes Festival to thank. In France, all eyes are turned to film as some of the industry's best creators are showcasing their upcoming titles. For others, they are at the Cannes Festival celebrating like the executives of Studio Ghibli. Goro Miyazaki is leading the group at Cannes Festival, and in a recent interview, the Studio Ghibli executive said his father is keeping hush-hush about his next project.

Speaking with press at the Cannes Festival, Goro Miyazaki was asked about his father's plans post-The Boy and the Heron. The Oscar-winning movie has become a new masterpiece under Hayao Miyazaki's thumb, so of course, the world wants to know if more movies are on the way. Previously, reports have said Hayao is keen on making more movies, but Goro Miyazaki says he's not been told anything about the movie pitch.

"He won't tell anyone what they are. Absolutely no one," Goro said about about his father's movie pitches. According to the Studio Ghibli exec, Hayao began putting together ideas for a new movie as soon as The Boy and the Heron wrapped production. You can imagine the director is still thinking through the project, and in the meantime, Goro says the whole of Studio Ghibli is recovering from the last film's busy production schedule.

"After spending seven years on an animated movie, the director, and the staff as a whole, are incredibly exhausted," Goro explained. "I think the studio needs some time to recover."

Clearly, the team at Studio Ghibli is recuperating from a lengthy production period, and the same goes for Miyazaki. The director turned 83 back in January, but despite his age, Miyazaki seems keen on working. After working on The Boy and the Heron for nearly a decade, Miyazaki has earned a break. But when he is ready to revisit the drawing board, maybe then Goro will learn about his dad's vision.

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