Studio Ghibli x Uniqlo Collection Announced

Studio Ghibli is finally teaming up with Uniqlo on a special collection of clothing.

Get ready, guys. It seems Studio Ghibli has heard all our pleas. The brand has announced plans to collaborate with Uniqlo, and we just got our first look at the collection!

Obviously, Uniqlo is no stranger to doing anime collaborations, but this high-profile collab marks a first. The famed studio has not worked with Uniqlo yet, but thanks to artist Kanyada Phatan, that is all changing. The Thai illustrator has regularly contributed to Neppu, a monthly magazine put out by Studio Ghibli. Uniqlo reached out to Phatan to have her create designs for their collection, and Studio Ghibli was quick to approve of the deal.


As for the collection itself, there are seven total designs up for grabs. A number of short-sleeve and button-up tops will be available. The line also includes a few long-sleeve shirts and even a Totoro sweatshirt if you like warmer garments. There are even some socks available, and Uniqlo x Studio Ghibli will include a few simple fanny packs to round out the line.

Currently, this cute collection by Uniqlo is limited in availability. You can only nab the pieces in Thailand and Singapore. As you can imagine, fans in Japan and the United States are eager for Uniqlo to expand this collection's availability. No work has been announced on whether the Studio Ghibli line will get a wider release, but we can only hope that is in the cards.

After all, Studio Ghibli is in the headlines these days. The company's famed director and co-founder Hayao Miyazaki is making waves with his new film. The Boy and the Heron (also known as How Do You Live) has launched in Japan, and it is preparing to go live at festivals across the globe. A theatrical run in North America is on the horizon, but no exact release date has been locked down.

What do you think about this Studio Ghibli x Uniqlo collection? Are you hoping to nab some pieces from this line? Let us know what you think in the comments below as well as on Twitter and Instagram. You can also hit me up @MeganPetersCB to share your take!

HT – SoraNews24