Super Dragon Ball Heroes Releases Season 2 Premiere Synopsis

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' card arcade game launched a massively successful promotional anime series over the last year, and although it was largely a non-canon special series that was not officially released outside of Japan it was incredibly well-received by fans. The first season of the promotional anime ended its run earlier this year, and now a second season of episodes is getting ready to launch later this Spring. But what's to be expected from this new batch of episodes when the promotional series returns? Now we have a synopsis for the season's first episode!

The first episode of the second season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes will be adapting the Big Bang Mission story expansion also launching with the arcade game at the same time, and the synopsis (as translated by @DBSChronicles on Twitter) teases that Goku and Vegeta will suddenly be taking on the Gods of Destruction in order to protect all existence.

As the synopsis reads, "As Goku and co. were training in Universe 7, suddenly a mysterious bird chased by Trunks: Xeno and Time Patrol appears before them. The bird is called 'Tokitoki,' an important being responsible for the existence of all dimensions. Just then, Goku and co. sense a disturbing energy and as they look up, they see all 12 Gods of Destruction standing above them! And all of them are after Tokitoki?!"

Elaborating further, the synopsis goes on to say that Beerus makes the first move, "Beerus tries to Hakai Tokitoki! Goku and co. are ready to fight them to protect it! Suddenly, a mysterious shadow covers the sky, and a mysterious man 'Fuu' starts moving...Now, a new battle begins!" So while the Gods of Destruction will be taking on Goku and Vegeta in order to take out this Tokitoki bird (from the Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Xenoverse games), it seems Fuu is involved with all of this as well.

Fans were first introduced to Fu during the events of the promotional anime series, so this second season seems like the next step in his overall plan. It might have seemed like helping Hearts was his intention at first, but Fu clearly has other deadly plans. Curious to see where Super Dragon Ball Heroes goes next from here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!