Super Mario Bros. Manga Licensed by Viz Media

Super Mario Bros. is an institution when it comes to gaming. The lovable plumber is more popular than Pikachu or even Ronald McDonald at this point. Over the past few decades, Nintendo has watched Mario become a global icon, and Viz Media is ready to bring one of his journeys to life here in the U.S.

Recently, Viz Media did confirm it has licensed a special manga based on Super Mario. The company will distribute the Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania stories starting in late 2020 which Amazon listing a December 8 release date.

For those unfamiliar with the manga, the Mania series debuted in Japan during September 2017. The collected stories are based on the video game and follow Mario as he undergoes several adventures which fans will find familiar.

"Join Mario and pals in crazy adventures inspired by the hit video games! This collection of short stories showcases the fan-favorite characters of the Super Mario Bros. world in new, unconventional and hilarious ways. Handpicked from years of Mario comics in Japan, this compilation has never been available in English—until now," Viz Media shared.


Now, fans are eager to see what this manga has to offer them. Super Mario is by no means a stranger to publication and has even beat out Doraemon when it comes to length. The Italian plumber has been working on manga issues since 1991, and this English collection will show readers abroad what the hero has been writing all this time!

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