Sword Art Online Creator Reveals a Secret Behind a Big Alicization Twist

The creator of Sword Art Online has created a lot of stories over the years. Reki Kawahara has come up with some now-iconic characters who changed the game for isekai stories. Of course, Kawahara has put in his fair share of plot twists, but one of his biggest head-turners from Alicization has an intriguing origin...

After all, the idea did not come from Kawahara. It turns out his editor came up with the idea to convert Eugeo into an Integrity Knight, so fans have Miki to thank for that segue.

The information came from a recent interview Kawahara did with Dengeki Online. The creator discussed Sword Art Online: Alicization at length ahead of its finale this weekend. It was there Kawahara said he wasn't the biggest fan of Eugeo, but he has come to like the boy.


According to SAO Wikia on Twitter, Kawahara said "that Eugeo being turned into an Integrity Knight was a plot point proposed by his editor Miki, rather than himself." As you can imagine, this twist was a big one coming for fans, and it left plenty heartbroken. Eugeo's conflict with Quinella came from Kawahara's editor, and the delicious drama served the story well. After all, fans did like watching Kirito fight desperately to bring his friend back... only to watch him die shortly after. Eugeo died while trying to kill Quinella, and his final moments were spent in Kirito's arms.


Clearly, the twist was a devastating one, and it still has fans upset to this day. Kawahara has come to embrace this choice as it layered Sword Art Online: Alicization just right, so we can thank the creator and his editor for all their hard work!

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