Sword Art Online Shows Off Asuna's Stunning New Form

Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld has seen Asuna struggle more than ever before as she has been helping Alice and the human territory fight off against the invading American players, but the newest episode has capped off her fight with a stunning new addition to her goddess form. When she first arrived in the Underworld, she had logged into one of three possible goddess accounts and was given a huge boost in strength. But this strength was not limitless as it took a toll on her the more she used it. It's why she had reached her limits by the newest episode.

As Vassago continued to torture Kirito right in front of her and threatened to kill as many as it took to wake Kirito up from his coma, Asuna surprisingly got help from a familiar source. Just as she's beginning to reach her lowest point, Yuuki's spirit appears to her to give her that final push of confidence that she needed to snap Asuna out of her funk and fight back against Vassago. Yuuki's return to the series also gave Asuna an extra bit of power.

Granted her an additional wave of power, Asuna's goddess form evolves and she spreads giant, angelic wings. Fans will most likely recognize these wings as something associated with Yuuki and her Mother's Rosario skill, and that's definitely on the money as Asuna uses it right after thanks to the additional strength granted by Yuuki and the pair of wings that she had gifted her.

Asuna's goddess account in the Underworld is the strongest she has ever been in the series, and even that was not enough power to completely defeat Vassago. Vassago had been draining the fallen warriors of their strength over the course of their fight, and unfortunately Asuna's wings were not enough to keep her in the air in this fight. Good thing Kirito has woken up just in time to take the fight to the next level.

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