Sword Art Online Sees Asuna Finally Make Her Underworld Debut

Sword Art Online's third season is continuing on its huge Alicization arc with the War of Underworld half of its season, and the latest episode of the series kicked off the action packed "Alicization Exploding" phase. As teased through the War of Underworld opening theme, and confirmed with the updated opening revealed with Episode 9, Asuna was going to be a part of the Underworld era despite helplessly watching Kirito from the outside. But thankfully this won't last much longer as Asuna has finally made her official debut in the Underworld.

Episode 9 of the series sees Asuna officially log into the latest virtual world of the series, but unlike other experiences she's had in the past Asuna is a much more powerful entity here. In fact, she's a literal goddess.

Entering the Underworld with a gleam of light, Asuna is officially logged into it as the Goddess of Creation Stacia. She's one of the legendary goddesses that helped form the Underworld according to the people living in it, but that's not exactly true. This story was made up by Administrator and the Axiom Church, but the Goddesses were accounts hidden within the Underworld's data waiting to be utilized.

Much like how Gabriel was able to upload himself into the super powerful Emperor Vecta account, Asuna was able to do the same for Stacia. Fans can immediately see how strong this version of her is as she instantly opens cracks and crevices in the ground under the enemy soldiers -- sending them plummeting to their deaths.

If the newest opening theme for the series and promotional materials are to be believed, Asuna won't be the only familiar face making their debut in the Underworld in a new way. With two other goddesses still on the table, the path is set for things to turn in the Integrity Knights' favor. Perhaps seeing Asuna right in front of him might knock Kirito out of his current coma, too? As strong as Asuna is, however, she might just be able to win this war all by herself!

If you wanted to jump back into the series, you can currently find Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, and Hulu. The first 20 plus episodes of the third season are all available as well!