Sword Art Online Surprises with Stunning War of Underworld Fight

Sword Art Online is continuing with the Alicization saga with the newest episode of War of Underworld, and it definitely surprised fans with a stunning fight between Bercouli Synthesis One and Gabriel's Dark Emperor Vecta. Episode 2 of the third season's grand return with new episodes for the Summer went deeper into the bloody fights against the Dark Territory. With the war already starting with the first half of War of Underworld, now Bercouli has thrown himself into the action even further in order to take down the Dark Emperor Vecta.

As we had seen in the Alicization saga previously, Bercouli's skills as an Integrity Knight are unmatched as he ranked as the top of the fighters among them. He truly showed off all of these skills in the fight against Gabriel's Vecta, and saw him unleash tons of variations on his sword technique that could cut backwards in time.

While many of the fights in the anime to this point have been executed well (it's one of the reasons fans continue to enjoy it despite some of its rougher edges), this one in particular truly went to a whole new level with bolder outlines, shifting character designs, and some slick effects on top of the already interesting fight choreography.

Unfortunately for Bercouli, while he was ultimately the victor of the fight as he managed to successfully cut through Gabriel's Vecta in the past with his sword technique (one of the reasons the fight was so interesting overall), Vecta also landed some significant blows on Bercouli. He sliced off his arm and completely pierced his chest, and the resulting blood loss meant that Bercouli had died as the episode came to an end.

Bercouli's death marks one of the first major losses for the human territory, and he probably won't be the last as Gabriel prepares to make his way back into the Underworld with a character he had already put together in Gun Gale Online. Were you surprised to see this fight between Bercouli and Vecta animated so slickly? What did you think of the fight overall? How do you think the War of Underworld will bring Sword Art Online's Alicization saga to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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