Sword Art Online Kills Off SPOILER in Newest War of Underworld Episode

Sword Art Online: Alicization has returned with new episodes for the final half of War of Underworld, and this means that unfortunately another casualty has been lost as a result of the war breaking out against the Dark Territory. Bercouli Synthesis One had been leading the charge for the remaining Integrity Knights following the fight against Administrator in the first half of the Alicization saga, and he had been leading the charge in this war as he personally took on Gabriel's Dark Emperor Vecta in the newest episode of the series.

Unfortunately for Bercouli, this fight turned out to be his last stand. Although he managed to deal some significant blows to Gabriel, and even used his time slashing sword to defeat the Emperor Vecta account once and for all, Bercouli took too much damage in the fight. Gabriel had not only sliced off his arm but he also pierced a sword through Bercouli's chest.

Fighting off Gabriel on death's door, Bercouli and his flying dragon put all they had into defeating the emperor. This means that after the fight is done, and he spent his last moments still protecting the sleeping Alice, Bercouli officially passes on as the newest episode of the series comes to an end.

As Bercouli passes on, he sees a spiritual image of Administrator. It's revealed that this version of the former villainess is one that Bercouli crafted himself out of his memories, and it's one that he's going to pass on with and live happily in whatever next life is there for the Fluctlights. But that's not the only surprise either as he passes he reveals that he currently has a child with Fanatio, and Fanatio is soon seen getting the news of Bercouli's death and breaking down in her own way.

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