Sword Art Online To Have Special Panel During Aniplex's Virtual Convention

Many conventions have taken the opportunity to 'go digital' this year, doing their best to avoid [...]

Many conventions have taken the opportunity to "go digital" this year, doing their best to avoid con-goers contracting the coronavirus by being placed into scenarios with crowded hallways, and the upcoming Aniplex convention is doing the same with a big announcement that the MMORPG based anime franchise of Sword Art Online will be joining in with a special panel. As Sword Art Online: War of Underworld is moving toward its finale, the panel itself will dive into the "Last Season" and will be streaming on Youtube for fans of the series to watch when it premieres on July 4th!

The anime series, much like so many other franchises, was delayed as a result of COVID-19 but is set to return next month in July, looking to wrap the story of Kirito and Alice that has been taking place in a brand new virtual world under the banner of "Alicization". The second half of the third season, in War of Underworld, has been focusing on the latter protagonist in Alice with Kirito being trapped in a coma, though things have definitely changed for our heroes since the start of the latest season! We're sure to get some hot new details when the newest panel at Aniplex is streamed on Independence Day!

Sword Art Online's Official Twitter Account shared the announcement that the anime franchise would be coming to the digital convention of Aniplex Online Fest, also noting that director Manabu Ono and the voice actress for Alice, Ai Kayano, would be joining the panel to discuss the upcoming finale for the third season:

While there have been other anime series that have dived into worlds wherein the protagonists were trapped in massively multiplayer online role playing games, Sword Art Online has definitely risen to be the most recognizable of the bunch and we're certain that more than a few fans are looking forward to seeing how the third season, and the series as a whole, comes to its end.

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