Chainsaw Man Creator Launches New One-Shot, Just Listen to the Song

Chainsaw Man series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has had one busy year, and now the creator has crafted a new one-shot titled Just Listen to the Song that's currently available to read for free! Ever since Fujimoto brought Chainsaw Man's manga run to an end with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine a couple of years ago, fans have seen the creator branch out with experimental new stories in the interim. The creator has been involved with a number of one-shot manga stories that have featured entirely different worlds and characters from what fans saw in the bloody action series.

Much like the creator's previous one-shot releases in the past year, Look Back and Goodbye Eri, Fujimoto's newest written one-shot is markedly much different than the projects released before. But fans will likely notice some key connections between each project as they all deal with young people in a tumultuous time in their life with a healthy dose of magical realism that makes you question the nature of the writing itself. This time around the art has been handled by To Strip the Flesh series creator Oto Toda, and you can check out the one-shot completely for free with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library here. 

Just Listen to the Song is also much different than Fujimoto's prior one-shot releases as it's a much shorter experience. Arguably it hits much harder as a result due to how overtly blunt it is towards its main protagonist, something that wasn't seen in the first two one-shot works. It still has much of the inherent dark humor and intrigue as seen from Fujimoto's works, and a nice look inside what kind of stories the creator can tell. Thankfully it won't be too much longer before we get to see even more of the creator's work, however


Chainsaw Man Part 2 has been officially confirmed to kick off with Shueisha's Jump+ app on July 13th. It will likely continue to release chapters with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library much like the first part of the series did, so now is the perfect time to catch up with the series before Denji starts to take on a new school life while he balances his duties as the Chainsaw Devil itself. But how do you like Fujimoto's newest one-shot story? Are you excited for Chainsaw Man's full return later this month? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!