The Pokemon Company's Profits Have Increased 1,200% In Five Years

The message of Pokemon has never been about money, but that is always on the mind of the [...]

The message of Pokemon has never been about money, but that is always on the mind of the franchise's creators. Over the decades, Pokemon has seen its popularity rise and fall which leaves the crew at The Pokemon Company going back and forth. But it doesn't look like the company is hurting too much nowadays.

After all, The Pokemon Company is in a profitable renaissance that is making all the money.

Recently, Sora News 24 posted an article breaking down a Japanese report published by Social Game Info in Japan. It is there the piece confirms The Pokemon Company's profits over the last five years have not just doubled or even tripled; They have increased by about 1,200% overall.

According to the original report, The Pokemon Company saw its accounting year close in February, and fiscal numbers says the company earned nearly $123 million USD. This is the company's gross profit for a one-year period, and it is over 50% higher than the gross profit of 2018. Last year, The Pokemon Company raked in just over $81.6 million USD.

This last year's profit is hard to comprehend, but that is not even the wildest part of the report. It turns out The Pokemon Company only made a profit of $9.2 million USD back in 2014. If you do the math, this means The Pokemon Company has grown its profit by more than 1,200% in just five years.

Currently, reports are looking into the reasons behind the massive growth. One of the biggest booms to the company would be the release of Pokemon Go back in 2017. That year saw the brand hit record-high profits, and Pokemon Go is still raking in serious cash. Pokemon's abundant merchandise is another factor into its big profits, and there is no telling how high The Pokemon Company's profit will get next year.

And why is that? Well, if the release of two Pokemon movies won't convince you, then the debut of Pokemon Sword and Shield this fall just might.

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