The Promised Neverland to Release Special New Chapter This Year

The Promised Neverland is still waiting on its second season to debut, but its manga has already outpaced the anime in a big way. Earlier this year, fans were taken by surprise when The Promised Neverland came to a close in print. But thanks to a new update, fans have learned there is at least one more chapter of The Promised Neverland left to explore.

The announcement came in the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. It was there fans learned the team behind The Promised Neverland are hard at work on a new chapter. Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu are returning to work on the chapter, and the update is slated to go live this December.

As for what the chapter will be about, fans are not quite sure. The Promised Neverland creators will first hand out this chapter at a special exhibition starting December 11. The event, which continues through January 11, will be dedicated to the manga by showing off behind-the-scenes artwork. It will also house this 19-page chapter that fans hope will act as a sort of epilogue.

the promised neverland ending
(Photo: Shueisha)

After all, the final chapter of The Promised Neverland did feel a bit abrupt. After Emma made a costly deal to change the world, her family finds her years later as Norman and Ray refuse to leave Emma behind. While she does not remember any of them anymore, Emma's heart is still connected to the children she worked so hard to save, and The Promised Neverland ended in the midst of their reunion. Now, fans are hoping to see what happens Emma reunites with her family, so we hope this special update delivers for the holidays.

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