The Venture Bros. Movie Announces TV Release

The Venture Bros. has announced its movie's television premiere date after launching this summer.

The Venture Bros. has finally come to an end. Earlier this summer, the hit Adult Swim series put out its long-awaited movie, and it wrapped up the Venture family's story. Following its direct-to-video debut, many began to wonder when The Venture Bros.: Radiant Is the Blood of the Baboon Heart would hit up television, and it seems we've been given the Adult Swim release info at last.

The information comes straight from Adult Swim as the program posted a YouTube reel for fans this week. It is there The Venture Bros. movie comes into focus, and the clip confirms Adult Swim will bring the movie to television next month.

According to Adult Swim, The Venture Bros. will bring its new movie to cable on September 1st. It will go live that Friday at midnight, so fans can make that on their calendars. At this point, we have no word on whether a Venture Bros. marathon will precede the big debut, but fans can hope.

Of course, The Venture Bros. feature film has another home on the horizon. The animated project will start streaming on Max at some point. Traditionally, the streaming service brings projects to its catalog 90 days after their release, so that means The Venture Bros. should hit up Max by mid-October. As of right now, Max hasn't given us a confirmed release date for the movie, but fans are keeping a close eye on the project.

If you are not familiar with The Venture Bros. and its new movie, you should know Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart has earned rave reviews from fans. The movie takes place after the events of The Saphrax Protocol, and it follows a massive manhunt for Hank Venture. Currently, the only way to watch The Venture Bros. movie is through Blu-ray and DVD drops. So if you want info on this big animated finale, you can read its official synopsis below:

"Doc's latest invention will either bankrupt Team Venture or launch them to new heights, as Hank searches for himself, Dean searches for Hank, the Monarch searches for answers, and a mysterious woman from their pasts threatens to bring the entire world crashing down on them."

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