Tite Kubo's Burn the Witch Officially Confirmed as Bleach Creator's Next Series

Ever since Bleach came to an end several years ago (although the anime has confirmed that it's on [...]

Ever since Bleach came to an end several years ago (although the anime has confirmed that it's on the way back), fans were wondering what kind of series Tite Kubo would be releasing next. We got a tease of what kind of creative energy was burning in Kubo's mind back in 2018 with the surprising one-shot Burn The Witch. Not only was this one-shot connected to Kubo's previous work Bleach, but teased a much larger world surrounding it. The editors at Shonen Jump felt the same way as well as they wanted Kubo to turn it not only into a new series but an anime as well.

Noting that the decision for Burn The Witch into a new anime came first, they wanted Kubo to also craft a full series so that there would be more for the anime to explore. Confirming earlier reports of a new anime film for Burn The Witch, the 20th Anniversary livestream also coupled the announcement for this project by confirming it would be Kubo's next full series.

According to the English translator for Shonen Jump's presentation on the matter, Kubo had the following statement about Burn The Witch's new series announcement, "I only started writing Burn The Witch as a side project as a distraction and leisure, and showed it to my family and friends. And then my editors at Shueisha really liked it, and also decided to do an anime around it, and to make a full series in manga for it. So I'm excited, and I feel pretty good about the results. Actually, I've already finished the manuscripts so I can just chill and play Animal Crossing while all of this comes out."

So Bleach fans have a ton to look forward to after waiting for such a long time, and continuing to ask for more. Not only will there be a new anime, but a full new series (coming sometime this Summer) from Kubo as well!

Are you excited to find out Burn The Witch's one-shot will be getting a full series run? Did you want Tite Kubo to move onto something else instead? What are you hoping to see from this new series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!