Toonami Takes Over TikTok With a Glorious New Trend

Toonami has been a programming block that has helped introduce scores of fans around the world to [...]

Toonami has been a programming block that has helped introduce scores of fans around the world to new series on Cartoon Network as well as a number of major anime series, and a recent viral trend has the "bumpers" of Adult Swim and Toonami front and center. Helping to promote their series, as well as creating a number of surreal and relaxing bumpers that have wedged their way into the minds of fans that have been watching Cartoon Network's blocks throughout the years. With more anime series on the way, it doesn't seem like either Toonami or Adult Swim is going anywhere anytime soon.

Toonami first began in 1997, originally running as an afternoon programming block on Cartoon Network and after several years bringing fans anime and new animated series, it was put to bed in 2008. Reviving as a part of Adult Swim in 2021, Toonami has continued to give fans plenty of new series to consume, with this year most likely seeing the arrival of Toonami's anime adaptation of Junji Ito's Uzumaki, which is thought of as one of the scariest stories in the world of anime and manga. Even though Toonami has been running for decades, there are still several classic moments that are emerging in new unique ways.

Twitter User Broke Back Boys shared a thread that had a number of these viral videos that dive into the past of both Cartoon Network's Toonami and Adult Swim, taking fans back to the earlier days of the programming blocks that helped put the cable channel on the map:

Toonami continues to march forward to this day, housing major anime series including the likes of Attack On Titan, My Hero Academia, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and too many others to count. Setting itself apart from Adult Swim by focusing almost entirely on anime and action series, it's clear that the fandom still has a soft spot in their hearts for one of the most popular programming blocks in Cartoon Network's history.

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