Universal Studios Japan Actually Has Graves For These 'One Piece' Characters

Warning! Spoilers for some One Piece character deaths below! One Piece may have crossed 800 [...]

Warning! Spoilers for some One Piece character deaths below!

One Piece may have crossed 800 episodes and 880 chapters, but fans are still reeling from a key-turning point in the series. The death of two very popular, and notable characters.

As spotted by Reddit user Azazel-2b, Universal Studios Japan has erected fully-realized memorials for Portgas D. Ace and Whitebeard, who had lost their lives at the Battle of Marineford:

Whitebeard and ace's Graves at Universal studio in japan from OnePiece

With the knowledge of this memorial, fans have gotten emotional all over again. Fans note how cool it is that the graves were made to scale and added plenty of detail such as the flag of the Whitebeard Pirates, coat, and his famous Halberd. In Eiichiro Oda's original manga, Whitebeard's grave was depicted as a massive structure because the man himself towered over most characters in the series. The former Yonko - the four recognizably strongest pirates in the series - was said to be the closest to the title of "Pirate King" before his death.

When Portgas D. Ace, Luffy's older brother, was captured by the marines and subject to a public execution, the Whitebeard Pirates had essentially declared war on the military since Ace was such an important part of their crew. The Battle of Marineford was fierce as not only the strongest in the Marine ranks had come to defend the execution, but several strong Pirates given political jurisdiction known as the Shichibukai had come as well.

Whitebeard suffered numerous injuries before dying, but deciding to make one final statement to the world, he died standing straight up. Not only did Whitebeard's death signal the end of the old era, what happened next sent One Piece itself into a new era, and the New World.

After finally releasing Ace from his shackles, Luffy and his brother were cornered by several marine enemies. Fighting back, the two manage to make their escape. But before they could, Marine Admiral Akainu had insulted Whitebeard and prompted Ace to turn back in frustration. But unfortunately for Luffy, Ace's fire could not stand up to Akainu's magma body and Ace lost his life.

The surviving Whitebeard pirates eventually erect the two graves next to one another, and mourn the lives of these fan-favorite characters. Despite how long ago these events have taken place in One Piece canon, it's still highly emotional and memorable to fans as it launched One Piece into a time-skip and set off the New World era.

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