Vinland Saga Announces Extended Hiatus

Vinland Saga blew minds earlier this summer when it was revealed that the popular anime series [...]

Vinland Saga blew minds earlier this summer when it was revealed that the popular anime series focusing on vikings and true-life events would be returning for a second season, but it seems that some bad news is coming our way as the manga has announced an upcoming hiatus. Mangaka Makoto Yujimura first began the story of Thorfinn and the bloody world he travels in 2005, with twenty-five volumes of the series being released thus far, exploring this fantastic world that bases its events on true life events which took place hundreds of years ago.

Vinland Saga's anime has been brought to life by Wit Studio, the prolific animation house that brought to life Hajime Isayama's Attack On Titan series for its first three seasons, and the recently released Great Pretender. With the first season of the series created by Makoto Yujimura ending with an insane cliffhanger, denying Thorfinn his revenge while shaking up the status quo to an insane degree, fans have been waiting to see how this story of vikings will continue. The manga series has been printed by Kodansha since its run first began, the same publishers behind the likes of Attack On Titan and Tokyo Revengers, giving us a story that is far different from what we see from the likes of Shonen offerings over the years.

Vinland Saga Hiatus
(Photo: Wit Studio)

The break for Vinland Saga will be for next month, though we don't know so far if this hiatus will continue after August as the series marches forward in the life of Thorfinn, who is much older in the manga's current stories versus what we'll see in the upcoming second season. While a reason hasn't been revealed for the hiatus, we are hoping that it isn't related to Yujimura's health, which has been a concern for many mangakas in recent years.

It has been a little under two years since the season finale of Vinland Saga's first season aired, shifting the world of Thorfinn to an insane extent. The series became an Amazon exclusive series, proving that streaming services across the board are attempting to carve out niche areas of anime for themselves, and it will be interesting to see if Prime Video will once again lay claim to the series moving forward.

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