Vinland Saga Officially Announces Season 2

It has been a while since Vinland Saga graced fans with any sort of update, but that has all changed for the better. In the wake of its first season, Vinland Saga left netizens begging for more, but no word was ever given on what the show's next steps would be. And now, fans have discovered the show does have plans for a second season after all.

The update comes fresh from Japan as Vinland Saga held an event to celebrate its two-year anniversary. It was there netizens pleaded for an update on the anime, and the team behind Vinland Saga did confirm season two is already in production.

The second season of Vinland Saga promises to be an action-packed one, and fans got a little glimpse of the title. To start, a poster was made public for season two, and it shows one of the franchise's most familiar heroes. After all, Thorfinn is seen in the centenaries of this visual, and the soldier looks older thanks to his long shaggy hair.

This update was very much needed, and fans will be the first to tell you why. Vinland Saga was a sleeper hit with its first season, and much of that was due to its limited spread. The series is only on Amazon Prime in the United States which limited its reach. But in the time since its release, Vinland Saga has amassed a sizable fandom that has been eager for any word on season two. So now, it seems like those pleas have been answered at last!


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