Vinland Saga Creator Breaks Silence on Season 2

Makoto Yukimura is the mangaka who brought the epic viking series, Vinland Saga, to the world, and [...]

Makoto Yukimura is the mangaka who brought the epic viking series, Vinland Saga, to the world, and with the announcement that the anime adaptation would be returning to the world with a second season revealed earlier today, the creator of the franchise has shared his thoughts on the return of the beloved television show. While there is no current release date, or window, for when anime fans can expect Thorfinn to return, based on the conclusion of the first season, we expect that there are more than a few that are dying to see what happens next in this upcoming season.

Amazon Prime was the only place that viking fans could witness the story of Thorfinn, a young villager whose father is killed in front of his eyes, causing him to become a part of his father's killer's entourage in order to take revenge against him in a one-on-one fight. With the young viking improving his skills over years of combat, the series not only dived into some serious character development but also retold several historical events, albeit with an anime flair as produced by the same company responsible for the first three seasons of Attack On Titan in Wit Studio.

Makoto Yukimura shared his thoughts on the upcoming second season of the anime adaptation of his biggest work, Vinland Saga, via his Official Twitter Account, and is clearly thrilled that his creation has become popular enough to warrant an additional season:

The first season ends with Askeladd, the man who murdered Thorfinn's father and acted as both his surrogate and target of his revenge, killing the Danish King in order to save his homeland of Wales, dying in the process and leaving Thorfinn stripped of his vengeance. Needless to say, with Askeladd now dead, the future of Vinland Saga's story is a mystery for those following the anime.

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