Yashahime Stars Tease the Mother of Sesshomaru's Twins

There is a question every Inuyasha fan is asking these days, and it has to do with Sesshomaru's kids. The recent arrival of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon welcomed a new generation of characters to Rumiko Takahashi's tale. The three newbies include Inuyasha's child with Kagome while the two twins carry Sesshomaru's family line forward. Of course, that means fans want to know who mothered the girls, and the show's stars have shared a small teaser about her identity.

The recent nudge came in an issue of Animage magazine. It was there actresses Sara Matsumoto and Mikako Komatsu said the relationship between Towa and Setsuna hints at the identity of their mom.

"Maybe that relationship where Towa cares about Setsuna and Setsuna says, 'That's annoying. I don't care!' is similar to their parents. If you look at Towa, you can tell who is the mother," Komatsu shared. (via RanobeSugoi)

(Photo: Sunrise)

Of course, fans have been quick to analyze the words of Setsuna's voice actress. While the star behind Moroha suggested Jaken could be the mother, fans aren't at all convinced. They are still certain the mother is none other than Rin. The girl spent so much time with Sesshomaru in the original series, and it was clear the demon had a soft spot for her. Yashahime could have pushed the two even closer with its lengthy time-skip, and this tease makes Rin even more likely.

After all, Komatsu's comment describes Sin and Sesshomaru easily. The latter was always too proud to accept help at first, but Rin was patient and caring nonetheless. It seems Towa got that from her mother, so fans are eager to get official word on the girls' family tree before too long.


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