Yashahime: Princess Half Demon Dives Into The Childhoods of the Daughters of Sesshomaru

The next installment of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has arrived, and we are given our first in-depth look into the lives of the daughters of Sesshomaru in Towa and Setsuna, who have lived very different lives as a result of a mystical event that split them between the world of the supernatural and the world of the modern era. With the first episode working as a refresher on the world of Inuyasha, taking place several months following the conclusion of the original series, the second episode takes us far into the future with the daughters of both Sesshomaru and Inuyasha!

Towa and Setsuna, the daguhters of Sesshomaru, are shown as children from the start, living in the woods with no sign of their father, or hint as to the true identity of their mother. With a forest fire breaking out, the young children scramble in a frantic rush to save themselves, but are seperated by the flames themselves. With an unexpected turn of events taking place as Towa's eye begins to shine, a portal is created from their world to that of the modern age, dragging Towa into the present where she is found and subsequently adopted by Kagome's brother.

Yashahime Daughters Inuyasha
(Photo: Sunrise)

Both Towa and Setsuna are then shown living extremely different lives from one another, with Towa attending an all girls high school in the present, unable to avoid the constant fights that other teens present her with. Meanwhile Setsuna comes into contact with the daughter of Inuyasha, Moroha, acting as a demon hunter and working alongside the family of Miroku and Sango apparently.

Setsuna appears to be most like their father Sesshomaru, sporting a similar look while also having a stalwart personality that definitely resembles that of their missing parent. As one of Setsuna's eyes light up in a similar fashion as her sister Towa's when they were younger, it's clear that sequel series has a number of questions that are dying to be answered.

It's clear that Towa and Setsuna have inherited more from their father than simply his abilities, as they have unique appearances that are clearly connected to the half demon anti-hero of the first series. With each apparently having a magical pearl in each of their eyes, there are plenty of mysteries waiting to be answered.


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