Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Sets Up a Working Trap Card in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Yu-Gi-Oh! has long been known not only for its monster cards that give duelists powerful beasts with which to do battle against their opponents, but also its trap cards that players can spring in the middle of a duel and one fan has incorporated this unique strategy into the world of Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons! With this video game allowing players to create their own unique worlds atop their private islands supplied to them by Tom Nook, the world of anime has definitely been explored across the board via this Nintendo Exclusive!

Anime fans have dived into recreating the likes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Pokemon, Mobile Suit: Gundam, My Hero Academia, Beastars, and several others, with Yu-Gi-Oh! being the most recent example. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons player decided to not only craft a "Trap Card", ingeniously placed in the sand to capture nearby passerbys, but also modeled his player to look like the anime antagonist from Yu-Gi-Oh! in Seto Kaiba! The rich duelist who threatened Yugi Moto time and time again certainly used a trap card or two during his time within the anime franchise, never managing to take down his bitter rival but giving us plenty of iconic moments along the way with his Blue Eyes White Dragon!

This Twitter User and Yu-Gi-Oh! fan shared this hilarious and stunning recreation of a Trap Card, as well as his avatar that is the spitting image of Seto Kaiba, proving that players of Animal Crossing: New Horizon have the ability to add anything, anime or otherwise, to their private islands via this Nintendo exclusive:

Kaiba was only one of the villains of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh!, eventually finding himself in a place where he was helping out Yugi and his friends from time to time as the duels became more steeped in Egyptian mythology and more duelists were sent to the Shadow Realm. While subsequent seasons focused on new characters and different worlds, Seto remains one of the most recognizable anti-heroes in the card slinging anime.

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