This Hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh Clip Shows Why Its Dub Is so Iconic

Yu-Gi-Oh! has made a name for itself as one of the most popular card anime franchises since debuting with its original series of Duel Monsters featuring Yugi Moto and the pharaoh that resided inside of his body, but the English dub for the second story arc of GX is where the show really started to shine for all the wrong reasons! The English dub version of anime can often taken liberties from the original source material in order to make it more palpable for North American audiences or even add some humor where there wasn't any before.

Yu-Gi-Oh! took the unorthodox approach of deciding to follow entirely new characters and scenarios with each new season, with the second season introducing the idea of duel academies in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Following a young and promising student in the form of Jaden Yuki, our protagonist tries his best to live up to the reputation that was established in this world of duelists by Yugi Moto and the adventures that he had in the first season of the franchise. Though this particular clip is hilarious in its own right, it's just one of many different English Dub clips from Yu-Gi-Oh! that took the liberty of creating some absolutely hilarious one liners and situations across the board.

Twitter User Toasty_Nerd shared this hilarious clip of Jaden being challenged to a duel, with his future opponent deciding to ridiculously rhyme his name in order to hide his identity, even thought it did nothing of the sort when everything was said and done:

Currently, Yu-Gi-Oh!'s anime isn't following either Yugio or Jaden, but a brand new protagonist in the form of Yuga Odo with Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, perhaps the youngest of the protagonists that have relied on the heart of the cards to carve a path for himself in the world of duelists. Considering the continued popularity of the anime series and the card game associated with it, we doubt that Yuga will be the last protagonist of the franchise when it comes to the anime and we can't wait for an English dub to be created for him!


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