Yu-Gi-Oh Fan-Short Brings Blue-Eyes White Dragon to Life

Yu-Gi-Oh! kicked things off with the anime franchise by focusing on the duels between Yugi Moto [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh! kicked things off with the anime franchise by focusing on the duels between Yugi Moto and his rich rival in the form of Seto Kaiba, matching his Dark Magician against the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and one fan has given us a unique take on the latter with an amazing animation. With the first iteration of the series arriving in the form of Duel Monsters, we got the chance to see different duelists across the franchise take the reins of the series across a number of seasons but perhaps none have resonated as much as the first season!

The Blue Eyes White Dragon was easily one of the most powerful duel monsters in the anime franchise, with Kaiba making it his mission to have every version of these cards in his library. During one of the first battles that he has with Yugi, Seto even goes so far as to destroy one of his own versions of the monster, eventually releasing three others upon the battle field that proved to only be defeated by Exodia from within Moto's deck. Though the Dragon would eventually be overshadowed by the likes of the Egyptian God Cards later in this first iteration of the anime franchise, they remain one of the most popular and recognizable monsters in the series.

Reddit Artist Waterlime shared this amazing animation that focuses on the high flying Blue Eyes White Dragon, as well as the Red Eyes Black Dragon that was a favorite of the duelist named Joey, soaring above the ground and earning its place as one of the most powerful creatures in the world of the heart of the cards:

[OC] I animated Red-Eyes and Blue-Eyes from r/yugioh

With each season, new monsters are introduced and the latest season has introduced us to new duelists and creatures in Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, which has just returned from a hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Though Blue Eyes White Dragon hasn't played a heavy role in this season in the way that it had when it was unleashed by Kaiba in the first story line, we can cross our fingers that the reign of this flying beast will re-emerge down the line within the story of the anime.

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