Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Builds Up Yugi Muto with Custom Brickhead

Yu-Gi-Oh! began its anime by following a young duelist who was sharing his head space with a pharaoh from ancient Egypt, doing everything he can to find the heart of the cards while battling against fellow duelists and antagonists alike, and now one fan has recreated perhaps the most well known character of the series using some custom bricks! Over the course of the number of seasons of the card dueling anime, we've seen a number of different worlds and protagonists make their appearances but Yugi Moto is still considered by many as the "go-to" duelist of the franchise!

The big "deus ex machina" of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Monsters, was the Millennial Items, magical items that were forged in ancient Egypt and foretold to give the wielder of all the items the power to rule the world. With Yugi having possession over the Millennial Puzzle, he was attacked on the regular thanks in part to other wielders of the items attempting to steal his, as well as those who were looking to take over the world for their own fiendish ends. The first season ended with Yugi becoming one of the strongest duelists in the world and the pharaoh within Moto's body returning to the time of yesteryear and allowing the young duelist to have his own life.

Reddit User BambooBricks shared this impressive take on Yugi Moto, bringing back the days of Duel Monsters and the first protagonist that was able to put Yu-Gi-Oh! on the map for a number of audiences that saw the adventure of the young duelist as their first entry into the franchise:

It's time to D-D-D-D-D-D-Build! from r/yugioh

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s anime series has continued to this day with a number of different seasons that have followed new worlds and new duelists, with the latest interpretation of the franchise being Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, which has just returned from a delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Following the young duelist of Yuga, the anime seasons aren't necessarily that connected, with each being told as their own respective series where the events that take place are pretty much contained to the characters of their story lines.

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