Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Pops the Question with a Custom Trading Card

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of those franchises you cannot grow out of. Time after time, the franchise revives itself in a new way that brings anime lovers and gamers back to Duel Monsters. Of course, that means there are Yu-Gi-Oh fans in all stages of life, and one of them tapped into the heart of the cards when they popped the question to their girlfriend.

Over on Reddit, the user Svbstances got the anime fandom's heart beating faster when they showed off a cute engagement photo. It turns out the user, who is a longtime fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, created a custom card to propose in the cutest way possible.

The user created a spell card appropriately named "Will You Marry Me?" And its effects are adorable. The description reads, "Get on one knee, pull out a ring and propose. If she says yes, put ring on her left finger and kiss your new fiancé."

Made a custom yugioh card to ask my girlfriend to marry me, she said yes :) from r/yugioh

As you can see, the spell card acts infinitely, so this couple is already on its way to a happy marriage. The card shows off the pair's nerdy hobbies all while capturing their creativity, so we are here for it. It seems plenty of netizens agree as they've sent their good wishes to the newly engaged couple, and Svbstances kept the Yu-Gi-Oh jokes going as they accepted the messages.

"Hah you fool! Youve activated my trap card "thank you brother" it allows me to accept your congratulations after I upvote your comment," they told one well-wisher.


Given the ongoing pandemic, there is no telling when this anime-loving couple will exchange vows, but we wish them all the happiness in life. And if someone knows how to make a Blue-Eyes White Dragon wedding cake, you best hit up this couple before they get hitched!

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