Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho Unveils First Look at Kazuma Kuwabara

The fourth and final character poster for Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho is here, and it is all about Kazuma Kuwabara. A few days back, fans of the anime were reeled in when Netflix began posting first looks at its live-action adaptation of Yu Yu Hakusho. Now, we have been given a peek at Kazuma, and the character will look a bit different in real life.

As you can see below, the character poster confirms the hero will be played by Shuhei Uesugi. The lead is shown in Kazuma's classic blue uniform as they are rocking a white shirt underneath the school top. The biggest difference here in appearance comes down to the hero's orange hair. In the original series, Kazuma was known for having bright orange hair that was most often coifed into a gravity-defying shape.

And here? Well, there is no orange hair to be seen. Instead, it seems Kazuma has bleached their hair in this Netflix series so it is more blonde than anything else. So even if the color doesn't match just so, Kazuma still comes off as a rebel with his hair.

As mentioned, Uesugi will play Kazuma, and the actor is no stranger to film. The star began working in 2015 and has starred in a number of projects like One Week Friends, Followers, My Boyfriend in Orange, and more. His new gig as Kazuma is certainly one of Uesugi's biggest roles to date, and he will be joined on screen by some A-list talent.

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After all, Yu Yu Hakusho has already confirmed its other three leads. Yusuke will be played by Takumi Kitamura while Kurama and Hiei are played by Jun Shison and Hongo Kanata respectively. At this time, no firm release date has been set for this live-action series, but Yu Yu Hakusho is expected to hit Netflix before much longer. 

What do you make of this latest Yu Yu Hakusho casting? How are you liking this adaptation's main cast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.