One ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!' Fan’s Love Of The Series Has The Internet In Tears

If you like anime, there is a good chance you have heard of Yu-Gi-Oh. The franchise debuted decades ago and introduced the world to all things Duel Monsters. Over the years, fans new and old continue to show their love for Yu-Gi-Oh, but one fan has got the Internet in tears over their dedication.

Over on Reddit, a user by the name of /blimblamthegorblock shared a post with anime fans that left them taken aback. The man revealed he made headstones for a living, and his current project has an unexpected tie-in with Kazuki Takahashi’s series.

As you can see below, the Reddit user is currently working on a headstone that features a quote from the anime. The granite slab has a line of dialogue engraved into which Seto Kaiba made very famous.

Had to delete original post but I make headstones for a living and this is going on one from anime

“I summon Blue Eyes White Dragon,” the headstone reads, and fans are feeling emotional over the piece.

The post was originally shared earlier this week, but the image was deleted as it accidentally contained personal information of the family ordering the headstone. The piece’s creator said he’s surprised anime fans reacted so positively to the headstone, but the fandom is simply happy to honor one of their own.

While the headstone itself is a bleak canvas to show off one’s love for anime, even Kaiba would be moved by this Yu-Gi-Oh fan’s loyalty. The surly character may not enjoy a lot, but Kaiba has always been fiercely protective of his Blue Eyes White Dragon cards. There’s little doubt Yugi Muto’s arch-rival would be okay with sharing the rare Duel Monster with a fan such as this; If it wasn’t already clear, the headstone’s owner surely knows the heart of the cards.


If you are not familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, there is more for you to brush up on than you may realize. The show was created back in 2000 and follows the life of Yugi Muto, a boy who winds up completing an ancient Egyptian relic called the Millennium Puzzle. The artifact allows Yugi to tap into a spirit called the Pharaoh, and the pair are forced to battle in various Duel Monsters tournaments when others begin to covet Yugi's mysterious puzzle.

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