Yu-Gi-Oh Goes Viral After One Fan Recreates a Blessed Anime Meme

The world of Yugi Moto was a dangerous one, with the card game often resulting in one of the participants being sent into the shadow realm. Now, one fan has managed to lighten up the series by recreating a hilarious meme using Yugi and his best friend Joey, proving that the original protagonists of Duel Monsters remain some of the most popular figures of the franchise that continues giving fans duels to this very day, and most likely, far into the future. 

Duel monster battles have been fast and frequent throughout the numerous entries of Yu-Gi-Oh, with Yugi Moto normally finding himself battling against opponents that are linked to the supernatural world known as the Shadow Realm, which was linked to the culture of ancient Egypt. While Yugi and Joey were friends throughout the series, they have battled one another before, testing their skills as duelists against one another and while the ancient pharoah was able to claim victory, Joey Wheeler came pretty close to claiming victory as he continued to evolve as a duelist and make a name for himself along the way. 

Twitter Artist Cocasse_Rin took the hilarious meme of two friends playing chess on a log flume ride, putting Yugi and Joey into the roles of the two players, which is much like the duels that they experienced during the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh which kicked off the series and introduced Duel Monsters to the world: 

Currently, Yugi Moto and Joey Wheeler are nowhere to be seen in Yu-Gi-Oh's anime, with a new cast of characters being introduced in the latest entry of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens. This doesn't mean that the pair of duelists might never appear again, as Yugi has made recurring appearances in the following seasons and movies. Needless to say, even without Yugi Moto, the dueling series continues to be a popular entry in the world of anime and real world tournaments are continuing to be held to test players' skills.

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