Yu-Gi-Oh Is Releasing a Retro Duel Disk in Time for the Holidays

Yu-Gi-Oh is content to live a low-key life with its trading card and anime, but the fandom is another story. When it comes to communities, the Yu-Gi-Oh fanbase is one of the best when it comes to hyping up things. And now, the group is getting loud after Yu-Gi-Oh confirmed it is ready to release an anniversary throwback in time for the holidays.

The whole thing went live from UCC Distributing as the company has a must-have item coming up. Starting tomorrow, the brand will team with Konami to sell a limited edition Duel Disk to honor the anime's 25th anniversary.

The retro piece looks just like the Duel Disk found in the hugely popular Yu-Gi-Oh anime. The 1990s design is still as sleek today as it was then, and this collectible will come with interactive elements. For one, the life points counter will light up and change. All of this will happen in Duel Mode, but the collectible also has a standby mode designed for display.

The piece will go on sale online starting November 25th in time for the winter holidays, so fans better keep an eye out. This is absolutely a piece that will sell out if given the chance. Right now, the retail price for this anniversary Duel Disk is $129.99, but the hefty tag will be worth it for diehard Yu-Gi-Oh collectors.

Obviously, this collectible is a must-have for fans, but it is classified as a toy rather than a replica. In the past, Yu-Gi-Oh did sell a limited-edition replica Duel Disk through Bandai. The piece cost upwards of $550 USD at the time with the secondhand market pricing it close to $700 USD now.

What do you make of this throwback Yu-Gi-Oh piece? Will you try to nab one of these disks for yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.