50 Cent Producing Animated Black Superhero Series

Famed hip hop artist 50 Cent is getting into the world of animation, delivering a series that [...]

Famed hip hop artist 50 Cent is getting into the world of animation, delivering a series that blends superheroes with hip hop, anime, and topical issues called Trill League. Trill League is based on the original graphic novel by Anthony Piper and will be executive produced by Curtis 50 Cent Jackson, Jermaine Johnson, and Jameel Saleem, who co-created the show with Piper and will also team with Piper to write it. The show is produced by 3 Arts Entertainment and G-Unit Film & Television with Lionsgate Television and is being developed for Quibi. As for what the show is about, it will follow a league of black superheroes named the Trill League, who are saving the world not only from super villains but monsters and hate of all kinds, and you can check out the official description of the show below.

"In an era of social injustice and internet trolls, a league of black superheroes, TRILL LEAGUE is tasked with saving the world from monsters, super villains and haters of all kinds. Get ready for this remixed rendition of your favorite superheroes as the series satirizes modern American society."

"I am excited to bring G-Unit Film & Television to an innovative platform like Quibi with my partners at Lionsgate and 3 Arts. Anthony Piper and Jameel Saleem have created a world we haven't seen before in 'Trill League,' looking forward to sharing it soon," said Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

"As an artist and writer, I couldn't be more excited to fulfill this lifelong dream of creating a world with voices which reflected the one I came from," said Piper. "Working alongside my talented co-writer Jameel, as well as all of the partners involved (G-Unit, Lionsgate, Quibi, 3Arts), this has been one of the dopest endeavors of my creative career."

"Writing a show about black superheroes is a dream come true for me and I couldn't be luckier getting to do it with the brilliant Anthony Piper, who created this awesome world, and all the folks at G-Unit, Lionsgate, 3Arts and Quibi. It's going to be something special," said Saleem.

Quibi launches next year on April 6th, and will focus on premium shows that range from 3 to 15 minutes, and that's perfect for an animated style show like Trill League. Hopefully, it isn't too long before we get a first look at the series, and while no release date for the show has been announced, we imagine it will follow the network's big debut sometime next year.