Batman Kills Superman In The Craziest Way Possible

The Batman vs. Superman rivalry is nothing new, and as any DC Comics fan knows, there's only one [...]

The Batman vs. Superman rivalry is nothing new, and as any DC Comics fan knows, there's only one way that Batman ever stands a chance against Superman: by employing better strategy. I doesn't matter if their battling on the comic book page, the TV screen (see DC Animation), or in movies (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), Batman always has a plan that puts Superman on his backfoot. It's always a coin-toss on whether Batman's plan will be enough to win the battle - but in Batman/Superman Annual #1, The Dark Knight isn't taking any chances: he kills Superman using the craziest plan we've ever seen!

Warning: Batman/Superman Annual #1 SPOILERS Follow!

Now let's be clear: Batman/Superman Annual #1 isn't an actual Batman vs. Superman fight that will affect DC Comics continuity for years to come - quite the opposite. The issue is a set of flight of fancy tales told by DC imps Bat-Mite and Mister Mxyzptlk, who are manipulating their respective favorite superhero mortals, Batman and Superman.

The first tale (from Bat-Mite) is called "Superman: Whatever Happened to The Man Who Destroyed Everything?" The story sees the Justice League facing the end of the multiverse, with Bat-Mite dropping a very confused Superman into the scene. When the Justice League investigates, Mr. Terrific discovers that Superman is the anomaly that is somehow causing space-time to collapse, but when the heroes start to disintegrate along with space-time, the Bat-Family are some of the first to go. Superman's family survives, but Batman is enraged and pledges to avenge his family by destroying Superman and saving the universe.

Bat-Mite's imagined version of Batman quickly goes to ridiculous lengths to kill Superman, including "Red Sun Weapons", battle armor, magic - even a Doomsday transformation formula and Kryptonite tank! If that wasn't enough, the big finale of the fight sees Superman yank Batman into the sky, in order to attempt to talk some sense into his old friend. Instead, Batman unleashes his "ultimate contingency plan":

"Solar satellites launched years ago to do one thing and one thing only... turn our yellow sun red." Batman reveals to Superman. "You're human now..."

Batman Kills Superman Red Sun Satellites Annual 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

So yes: Batman's ultimate plan for killing Superman is apparently using satellites to turn Earth's yellow sun red, thereby taking away all of Superman's god-like powers (which are fueled by the yellow sun). Of course, turning Superman human while he's flown himself and Batman above the cloud line is a suicide move - but Batman doesn't care: he's willing to die to save the multiverse. In Bat-Mite's estimation, both heroes falling to their deaths still results in a "Batman Wins!" conclusion.

Needless to say, Mister Mxyzptlk has a problem with this version of the story. And offers his own to counter it...

Batman/Superman Annual #1 is now on sale.