BBC Maestro Reveals Alan Moore Storytelling Course (Exclusive)

If you love the art of storytelling, you can't get much better than comics legend Alan Moore (From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), and now Moore and BBC Maestro are offering a rare chance to learn directly from one of the best writers around. The Storytelling course features over 6 hours of unfiltered advice and unique insight spread across 33 lessons along with comprehensive downloadable notes, and throughout the course, Moore explores the idea that writing is for everyone and "not just for me and people with my amazing haircut." Alan Moore's Storytelling course is available starting on March 24th, and you can check out more about the course right here.

"Storytelling, and writing, is not one discipline. It's thirty or forty separate subjects all in one horrifying collision. You will have to learn about character, stories and landscapes, how to present place and period, how to inspire your imagination and then order it into a coherent plot. These and dozens of other things are what I hope to be teaching you in this course," Moore said.

(Photo: Gareth Iwan Jones)

Through the course, the skill of storytelling will be explored through six different elements, including Origins, Language, Story, Cast and Setting, A Variety of Forms, and Progressive Writing. There are also lessons dedicated to Comic Cuts, Character, and Inventive Language, and Moore also offers advice on texture, biographical research, and unreliable narrators throughout the course.

Moore's lessons are accompanied by extensive course notes filled with his own musings and reading recommendations as well as practical exercises to help sharpen storytelling skills, and the course hopes to help viewers understand the importance of omnivorous reading, training their literary ear, and handing the pen to their characters.

"You should remember that a writer can change the world. Think of the books that have completely changed human history. See yourself in that light. Because if you are a writer, then you are having an effect upon human history. And the entirety of the human future," Moore said.

The official description for the course reads "Alan Moore has dedicated his life to writing and now he's letting you peek in on his previously private process. This writing course will inspire you to create mesmerising fiction by interweaving language, story, character, setting, world-building and more. Let this esoteric genius inspire you to build a life as a writer and deliver your very best work."

Alan Moore Teaches Storytelling with BBC Maestro launches on Thursday, March 24th, and will cost $90 for lifetime access to all 33 lessons and downloadable notes, and you can check out the full course right here.