Top 10 Comic Books Rising in Value in the Last Week Include Geiger, Youngblood, and Red Hulk

It was definitely not a slow news week for comics! The Geoff Johns and Gary Frank series, GIEGER, is getting ready for a T.V. debut, sending a couple of covers up to our top ten. The Jake Gyllenhall-led movie, PROPHET, has some exciting news that reignited interest in his first appearance. A little-known comic series is also getting its own series, taking a number two spot on our list. Rumors run amok for a particular Professor in Batman lore, and the recasting of a prominent figure in the MCU has brought back massive spec value to a specific shade of Hulk! Finally, prominent artwork and excellent writing have kept GI Joe, Spider-Man, and Star Wars in our top ten!

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#10: DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #1 – BILL SIENKIEWICZ (1:50) | MARVEL | 2022 | Since 1979, Bill Sienkiewicz has been illustrating iconic comic covers, and this one is no exception. This limited series is set to explore a darker part of the Spider-Man mythos. This retailer incentive contrasts the hopeful red and blue of Spider-Man's costume against the dreary and washed-out yellow background. Throw in a terrifying bear, and it is truly a masterpiece. We tracked it at a high sale of $73 for a raw copy, with NM copies settling to the current FMV of $38.

#9: GEIGER #1 – GARY FRANK – B&W – THANK YOU COVER | IMAGE | 2021 | This past week, we learned that the GEIGER series will be getting a T.V. adaptation, courtesy of Justin Simien, Geoff Johns, and Paramount Television. This news, as most comic news does, created a ripple of interest and value for the initial book in the series. We tracked this thank you cover at a high sale of $160 for a CGC 9.8. FMV for an NM raw copy will run you $34.

#8: BATMAN #666 | DC | 2007 | Matt Reeves shared some interesting news this past week, stating that he has plans for a direct sequel to The Batman and spinoffs.  The spinoffs are set to dive into villain backgrounds and explore their characters. Potential villains for these spinoffs include Clayface, Scarecrow, and Professor Pyg. Of those characters, the more attainable one is the first cameo appearance of Professor Pyg, which runs for a raw NM FMV of $40. We tracked it at a high sale of $291 for a CGC 9.8. The other contributing driver behind the recent spike in price is the introduction of Damian's future Batman costume, pulled from #666, in the current issue of Batman vs. Robin #2.


Kurt Johnstad ("300") has officially been tapped to script the movie. With news that the film is moving forward, interest is reignited in this character's first appearance. This book debuts not only the first appearance of Prophet but also of Shadowhawk. Cover A of this book has the title filled in with green letters. However, it seems that the pink lettering has also been gaining traction! We tracked it at a high sale of $115 for a CGC 9.8. The FMV of a raw NM copy is $11.

#6: STAR WARS #6 | MARVEL | 2016

This issue marks the first appearance of Sana Starros, or as some may know her, Sana Solo. Collectors found their way to her first full appearance in this book (which is debated between #4 and #6), and some anticipate her arc is just getting started. We tracked it at a high sale of $23 for a raw copy. A raw NM copy has an FMV of $18.

#5: G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO #299 – JOHN ROYLE – COVER RI (1:10) | IDW | 2022

Sometimes a great cover is simply a great cover, and no spec or news is needed to drive its popularity. This is what we have here, with a cover by John Royle. This retailer incentive quickly doubled in price from retailer value within the week. We tracked it at a high sale of $25 for a raw copy, with a close current FMV of $21.

#4: HULK #1 | MARVEL | 2008

Red Hulk spec is back! Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross has been recast with superstar Harrison Ford. This news has sparked a new wave of speculation that a huge casting like this means Red Hulk is eventually (hopefully) on the way. However, there are no hard facts about whether this will come to fruition. Nevertheless, we tracked it at a high sale of $425 for a CGC 9.8. FMV for a raw NM copy will run about $83.


The first appearance of Rob Liefeld's Prophet was so hot this week that both the pink AND green lettering made the list! We tracked the green logo at a high sale of $105 for a CGC 9.8. The FMV for a raw NM copy of this book is $13. 

#2: RESONANT #1 | VAULT | 2019

Here is a book not many may know… This book is about a father's post-apocalyptic struggle to find medicine for his son. The apocalyptic event in question is called a Wave, a mysterious effect that causes humanity to act irrationally and impulsively at the height of violence. While this book may have passed you by, it has since jumped to one of the most popular books this week. BET+ has secured a deal to make this story an ongoing T.V. series. We tracked it at a high sale of $20 for a raw copy, with a current NM FMV of $10.

#1: GEIGER #1 | IMAGE | 2021

This book is the cover A of this issue and the most popular-selling cover! We tracked 104 copies sold, with a high sale of $105 for a CGC 9.8. An FMV for a raw NM copy runs $12.

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