New Details Revealed For Mysterious Daredevil and Iron Man Image

Some new details have been revealed for that mysterious Daredevil and Iron Man image circulating [...]

Some new details have been revealed for that mysterious Daredevil and Iron Man image circulating earlier this year. Marvel's solicits for September of this year show off a mysterious mask on Daredevil #22 that has Daredevil's horns, but Iron Man's styling. Fans were very confused by the image at first because Matt Murdock usually likes to keep things at the street level. But, Tony Stark's jet-setting technology might be coming to Hell's Kitchen by the end of the year. It's not like this would be the first wardrobe change for Murdock in the last 12 months. The events of his solo book have seen Daredevil go to Red, Black, and back again. Even with that said, a jump to full red tech armor seems like a vast departure from what the hero was doing before.

Iron Man being dead for a little while in the company's books could have something to do with this as well. However, we should all know that Tony Stark wouldn't be gone for very long. Could this be a way for there to be an increased presence while the genius finds a way to get things under control. Also of note is the fact that Black Cat just stole her own version of the Iron Man suit in her solo title last week. She did that and it would make sense for the tech to make its way around the Marvel Universe. In fact, in Armor Wars and other moments in the character's history, the Stark tech making its way into the wrong hands is a pretty regular occurrence.

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Daredevil had a change of heart about his black costume after Hell's Kitchen reminded him what his heroic journey was about. A group of villains attacked the neighborhood in Daredevil #19. *Spoilers!* Well, a young man named Hector stepped up to Bullseye, Crossbones, Bullet, Stilt-Man, and Rhino. He has no powers but won't stand for these villains threatening the place he's from. The other residents of Hell's Kitchen don Daredevil masks along with Hector to join in the battle. By the time Matt Murdock sees what's going on. He's so moved that he understands what a symbol he's become for the people on the ground.

As Hector dies, he pulls off his mask to try and stop the bleeding, but he's too late.Then, he and Bullseye have a confrontation where the villain mistakes him for a normal person. But, the real Daredevil is there and he's reinvigorated by the sacrifice from one resident of his neighborhood. In an effort to clean up the community, will he opt for a repulsor ray and a fancy suit? Only time will tell.

• Still grappling with the blood on his hands, Matt Murdock makes one of the biggest choices of his life.
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