Marvel Teases a Surprising Hero to Replace Iron Man

Marvel is teasing a brand new hero to step into the role of Iron Man later this year. The company [...]

Marvel is teasing a brand new hero to step into the role of Iron Man later this year. The company just put out solicits for June 2020 and one of the covers leaked the possibility of Daredevil picking up the mantle. On the cover of the hero's book, an Iron Man helmet is rocking those iconic horns. This comes straight out of left-field. (So, both of the big two publishers had these wild changes in mind for this year!) Daredevil #22 is the book in question and fans will have to sit and wait for June to see what shakes out. things aren't looking great for Tony Stark at the moment and Matt Murdock could be a good fit. *Spoilers for Iron Man 2020 #3 coming up*

Arno Stark continued his battle with his brother and the Artificial Intelligence on Earth. Tony was the leader of those rogue A.I. and Arno had to be the one to stop him. As Iron Man plummeted to the ground, his fate was clear. Unfortunately, that leaves a void in the Avengers lineup. Tony has died a bunch of times in the past, so there are routes back. (That sound you hear is MCU fans sobbing because of Iron Man's sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame.) For now, though, Matt Murdock will be the key to what happens next with Iron Man.

Daredevil has been having a bit of a change of heart as of late. He's been rocking the old black suit as of late instead of the notable red one. The citizens of New York delivered a stirring tribute to Daredevil and that warmed him up to the idea of revisiting the classic look. But, nobody would have pegged the street-level hero as the one who would be rocking a power suit to deal with the crime in Hell's Kitchen. But, the power increase would effectively give him the type of advantage to essentially squash the evildoers in New York.

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* Daredevil #22
* Written by Chip Zdarsky
* Art by Francesco Mobili
* Cover art by Marco Checchetto
* "TRUTH/DARE" CONTINUES! Still grappling with the blood on his hands, Matt Murdock makes one of the biggest choices of his life. But what effect will Matt's choices have on DAREDEVIL? And what about the people who need him? See why people are talking about DAREDEVIL as one of Marvel's best ongoing series!
* In stores June 2020.

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