DC's New Green Lantern Series Brings in Far Sector and Young Justice Favorites

After Future State comes to a close DC will usher in a new era kicked off by Infinite Frontier, [...]

After Future State comes to a close DC will usher in a new era kicked off by Infinite Frontier, and you can bet Green Lantern will play a major role in the new status quo. That will include a brand new series from writer Geoffrey Thorne and artist Dexter Soy, and now we have our first look at the next chapter in the Green Lantern Corps' crazy adventures Green Lantern #1. The best part though is that the series will bring two fan favorites to the main series, as Far Sector's Jo Mullein and Young Justice's Keli Quintela will be part of the main team.

The new series begins with the newly formed United Planets and Guardians of the Universe holding an intergalactic summit to figure out who can best serve and protect the cosmos, and many of the Lanterns are called back to Oa in the process. That includes John Stewart, who will be the lead Lantern in the series, and he brings with him Teen Lantern Keli Quintela.

Quintela's homemade Gauntlet is already one of the most powerful if unstable weapons in the universe, and as you can see in the cover, she is perfectly fine with getting in the Guardians' faces if they overstep. If you know the Guardians, they overstep constantly on just about everything, so this is very much a welcome sight.

(Photo: DC)

We will also see Far Sector's Jo Mullein jump into the main timeline, as she will join the Corps to investigate why the Central Power Battery exploded. She will end up teaming up with Keli on the case, and in the process vying for the World's Finest Lanterns title.

If that cover is anything to go by, this series will also include the return Kyle Rayner, Arisia, and Soranik Natu to the fold, who went through a spell as a Yellow Lantern for quite some time. The other big question is though, where is Jessica Cruz? When last seen in Future State Cruz had her own run-in with the Sinestro Corps, so what ring is she wielding in this new era?

(Photo: DC Comics)

The story will actually begin in DC's Infinite Frontier #0, and you can see some of Soy's artwork from the story above and below.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Green Lantern #1 is written by Geoffrey Thorne, drawn by Dexter Soy, and features covers by Bernard Chang and Bryan Hitch, and hits comic stores on April 6th.

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