DC Reveals Nightwing Has a Sister

Dick Grayson has had quite the journey over the past few years, but he recently regained his [...]

Dick Grayson has had quite the journey over the past few years, but he recently regained his memories and once again suited up as Nightwing. While that aspect of his life has returned to normalcy, Grayson recently had another major revelation shake up his world in Nightwing #82, and obviously, spoilers are incoming so you've been warned. Grayson has been attempting to get to the bottom of just who Melinda Zucco is, and he finally gets his answer, but in no way was he expecting to learn from Melinda's mother that she is in fact his sister, and here's what happened.

Melinda's mother Meili Lin reveals that she was 23 when she was brought into the U.S., paid for by Tony Zucco, who as we know is violent and possessive. She had no interest in that, and one day during a trip to the circus she saw her chance to escape. During his search for her, Zucco runs into John and Mary Grayson, and they end up in an altercation after Zucco pulls a gun on them. The Graysons handle him with some help from their friends, and after being asked if they have seen her by Mr. Haly and saying no Zucco is sent packing.

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After he leaves Haly asks if she's in their trailer, John says yes, and Haly says "Good man. Look after her." John then invited her to be a part of the circus, and Meili says "it was the happiest time of my life. John and Mary were both so kind to me. Your parents saved me, then they protected me. They showed me what life was supposed to be."

She also clarifies her relationship with John, saying "please understand. They weren't together yet. But it was only because John had put Mary on such a high pedestal...that he was oblivious she'd put him on one too. It would be a while till they stood. on the highest pedestals together. John and I weren't involved long. Just long enough."

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She then reveals that Zucco found her during one of the tours and took her away, and while John looked for her he never found her because Zucco took her far away from Star City to Bludhaven. Six months later Melinda was born, though Zucco knew the truth of who Melinda's father was. After dealing with Zucco's abusive behavior for years Meili and Melinda escaped and headed to the circus to see John, but when they got there they discovered that John and Mary had a son named Dick, and she says "You all looked so happy. After everything they'd done for me. They didn't deserve... I left."

Meili says "I always planned to come back one day. But before I found the courage...Tony killed them." She then asks him if he's had a good life and been loved, and Grayson says he has. After that Grayson and Melinda are talking but things become chaotic quickly, so we'll just have to see how the new siblings get along from here.

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