DC Teases a New Robin Costume for Tim Drake

Tim Drake's new leash on life may come with an upgraded costume. DC has given Robin an increased spotlight recently, especially after Tim Drake came out as bisexual in last summer's Batman: Urban Legend #6. That story has been reprinted in DC Pride 2022, with DC officially announcing a new Tim Drake: Robin series for this fall. Gone is the Red Robin moniker, as Tim sets out with a new headquarters separate from Batman, a new sidekick in Sparrow, and a new love interest. Since everything else is new in Robin's life, he might as well look to make some changes to his superhero attire as well.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Tim Drake: Robin #1. Continue at your own risk!

Tim Drake: Robin #1 is by the creative team of Meghan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo, Lee Loughridge, and Tom Napolitano. Tim has set up his new headquarters at the Gotham Marina, which is where former We Are Robin character Darcy Thomas surprises him. Darcy Thomas starred in the We Are Robin ensemble series, which saw Duke Thomas and a group of Gotham teens dressing up in homemade Robin costumes. Tim took on a mentorship role with Darcy, and readers of Future State: Robin Eternal will also remember seeing an older Darcy in that series as well, which also happened to be written by Fitzmartin.

The two take a tour through Tim's water boat docked at the marina, and the visuals by Rossmo, Loughridge, and Napolitano give an inside look at some of the tasks Robin is up to. For example, Tim has tons of filing boxes piled up in one corner, and his Robin cycle needs some work. We also see a close-up of what looks like a green Robin costume with its signature "R" emblem. "New costume coming soon?" the panel reads.

(Photo: DC)

Tim Drake briefly sported a different costume when he made the decision to change his codename from Robin/Red Robin to "Drake" during his time with Young Justice. The main color scheme during his time as Drake was brown, but this ultimately was a short-lived change, and he quickly went back to being Robin before the series concluded.


One of the covers for Tim Drake: Robin #1 by Jorge Jimenez shows Tim in a red full-body costume. It's somewhat similar to the costume he wore as Red Robin, with the only thing missing being the dark cowl to cover his head. It's unknown if the variant cover is a sneak peek at what will eventually become Tim Drake's new Robin costume.

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