'Deadly Class': The Free Comic Book Day Issue Has Over 150,000 Pre-Orders

According to series writer Rick Remender, Image Comics has received over 150,000 orders for this [...]

According to series writer Rick Remender, Image Comics has received over 150,000 orders for this year's Deadly Class: Killer Set Free Comic Book Day offering.

While exact numbers -- especially for promotional books like the Free Comic Book Day issues -- are rarely released to the public, it is likely that the Deadly Class one-shot, which goes back in time and tells a story featuring several characters who are dead in the comics but alive on the just-released Deadly Class TV series on SYFY, is one of Image's most heavily-ordered FCBD issues in recent years.

Remender wrote Killer Set. Art for the issue comes from Wes Craig, with colors by Jordan Boyd and letters by Rus Wooton.

Other notable Image releases for Free Comic Book Day in recent years have included The Walking Dead comics focused on popular characters like Michonne and The Governor, timed to their appearances on the TV series, and Savage Dragon Legacy, in which Erik Larsen actually published a "jumping-on" issue out of order, allowing Free Comic Book Day readers to see the tale months before it appeared in-continuity.

Besides Image, other publishers including Marvel, DC, and Archie have tried to sync their Free Comic Book Day offerings, intended to drive interest in titles by casual or new readers, to give comics a try by dangling free comics in front of them and hoping to get them hooked.

"Each year, we continue to push ourselves to bring fans the very best Free Comic Book Day experience," said Joe Field, originator of FCBD, and owner of Flying Colors Comics in Concord, CA. "The caliber, strength and depth of this year's comic book titles is fantastic and independent comic book shop retailers all over the world can't wait to treat fans and customers to an incredible day of fun, discovery, and learning about comic books and comic book shops."

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, comic shops around the world will participate in Free Comic Book Day 2019, which gives both new and old readers a chance to experience comics together.