Gamma Flight's Crystal Frasier Teases Marvel Hulk Spinoff's Big Villain, Returning Favorite, and More (Exclusive)

There's a new team to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe, and it's a team powerful enough to [...]

There's a new team to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe, and it's a team powerful enough to take on the Hulk and live to tell the tale. That team is Gamma Flight, who fans met in the pages of Immortal Hulk, and now the team is heading their own series with Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, Lan Medina, and Antonio Fabela at the helm. Gamma Flight features a mix of Bruce Banner's allies and enemies, including Absorbing Man, Titania, Puck, Doc Sasquatch, Dr. Charlene McGowan, and Rick Jones. After siding with the Hulk they are fugitives on the run, and had a chance to speak to Frasier all about what's in store for the team, the lineup itself, how Hulk figures into the new series, Rick's transformation, and the fallout from Immortal Hulk, and more. Plus, we've got an exclusive preview of the big issue for you to check out from Medina and Fabela, which you can find below!

This is one of the more unique teams in Marvel's history, and their devotion to other Gamma-affected characters tends to rise above anything heroic or villainous, all while they try and recover from their own personal traumas.

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"Gamma Flight is a team made up of ex-heroes, ex-villains, and the former mad scientist to a Hulk-hunting secret government agency, so these aren't characters bound to generic ideals like 'justice' and 'heroism.' They've got a unique purpose, in this case watching out for other gamma-types who've been failed by the system or got in over their heads," Frasier said. "It gives us a chance to look at how the characters tick and what they want out of life. Carl (Absorbing Man) and Mary (Titania) get a few tender moments as a couple and we see Leonard Samson's old mistakes keep coming back up to haunt him. The whole book is a look at recovering for trauma in a similar way that Immortal Hulk is about surviving it."

The series will shine a light on a threat that Frasier feels will surprise a lot of people, but it will also give Absorbing Man even more time to shine, a character that has really come into his own.

"I think our villain is really going to surprise people with a brand new angle, but as far as our protagonists go, I really came to love Absorbing Man and everything that Al's done with him recently in Immortal Hulk," Frasier said. "He's got a lot more depth as an antihero than he was ever allowed as a villain and it's fun to look into his head and understand what he does and why. I hope the fans end up liking his story as much as I do. If nothing else, he gets a ton of great lines as the plainspoken and uncomplicated "everyman" in the room; he's happy to tell his team full of geniuses when they're being idiots or point out the incredibly obvious holes in their logic."

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Frasier is also excited to be working with Titania, and loved getting to explore the marriage between her and Carl throughout the series.

"I came into this book not knowing Carl very well and left it a huge Absorbing Man fan. I already started out a Titania fan, so he had great character references. In this case, we'll get to see some really sweet moments in his marriage and a little bit of his emotional depth toward the series climax," Frasier said. "Carl gets to make an important decision, and I think he's going to surprise a lot of people with his depth. Plus he finally gets a nice wedding ring from his wife!"

Those who have read Immortal Hulk know that things have not been so nice for Rick Jones, who went through a pretty intense transformation recently. Things are pretty rough for Rick when the book begins, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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"Poor Rick. He's gone through more transformations than Jean Grey. He starts out in a rough place as the book opens, being physically fused with Del Frye, another gamma mutate who didn't have much of a speaking role in Immortal Hulk," Frasier said. "This book is going to showcase the two of them coming to terms with their new condition and learning how to work together and overcome their frustrations. Like Carl, I think we get a nice peek inside Rick's heart by the end of the series. Al's a big Rick fan and really did right by him."

The reason Gamma Flight is in this mess to begin with is the Hulk, and while he won't really be featured here, Hulk fans will not be disappointed and will get a character they've been wanting for quite some time.

"Hulk's got his own book to wrap up while Gamma Flight runs; this is much more a book about the mess left in the big guy's wake than about Hulk himself. The team focuses on picking up pieces and putting things back together, and realizing that just because there's no clean fix to anything doesn't mean you can't make things a little better when it's needed," Frasier said. "But we'll have plenty of other Hulk-adjacent characters to keep fans happy, including at least one people have been asking to see for a while."

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So, when you have a team that is this powerful, who do you get to hunt them down? "In this case, Hammer Industries. They're sponsoring the new Hulkbuster unit--with all the efficacy that implies. But we both know they aren't the real antagonists of this book," Frasier said. "Gamma Flight isn't necessarily about the team being on the run so much as it is dealing with all the other fallout of Hulk's recent adventures along with their own personal damage. Being wanted fugitives is just the catalyst that throws them all together."

Fans can see what Gamma Flight is up to when Gamma Flight #1 hits comic stores on June 23rd.

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