Gotham Has a New Hero

The latest issues of DC's Batman have seen Bruce Wayne locked in battle with a former rival from [...]

The latest issues of DC's Batman have seen Bruce Wayne locked in battle with a former rival from his early days, the Ghost-Maker, and the battle came to its big conclusion in Batman #105. That said, it didn't exactly end as everyone might have guessed, though it did start out that way. After being captured by Ghost-Maker alongside Harley Quinn and Clownhunter, Batman frees himself and then clashes with Ghost-Maker as the two battle each other with swords. They also spar verbally during the fight until Bruce drops his sword and Ghost-Maker says he'll leave Gotham and go back to the old arrangement. That's when Bruce throws a curveball and tries to get Ghost-Maker to stick around, and when Ghost-Maker asks why, Wayne offers up this reason.

"Because I'm getting older, and this city is getting younger. I don't have the resources I used to have or the allies within law enforcement and city government. I could use the help," Wayne says.

(Photo: DC)

Ghost-Maker takes a second and then says 'I'm not going to stop telling you what you're doing wrong", and Batman responds "Good. Since Alfred passed, I don't have enough of that in my life." Ghost-Maker also says "And I'm not going to wear a bat on my chest."

Batman says he would never ask him to, but he does have a rule. "My only rule is you don't kill in my city. It makes the job much harder. But I guess I understand if you're not willing to risk failing. Can you stand the challenge?"

(Photo: DC)

Ghost-Maker then says "Heh, I guess I can." Batman then says he should come meet the rest of the family, who are all waiting outside. Ghost-Maker then says "the Circus of the Strange just hijacked the Gotham Symphony Orchestra." They exchange a look and then race off towards it, betting who can get there first. Ghost-Maker then tells Batman he's richer than him now, and Batman responds "Good. That means you're buying dinner after. I don't have a Butler anymore."

The ending tease of the issue is that Batman and Ghost-Maker are returning in March 2021, so it would seem Ghost-Maker is sticking around after Future State and that Gotham has a new hero.

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