Marvel Gives Ultron an Infinity Stone

Warning: This article has spoilers for Infinity Countdown #1Marvel Comics' next big crossover [...]

Warning: This article has spoilers for Infinity Countdown #1

Marvel Comics' next big crossover event, Infinity Countdown, kicks off with the newly-released Infinity Countdown Prime #1, which finally reveals the new holders of the six Infinity Stones. Marvel has steadily teased the new Infinity Stone weilders for months now, and Infinity Countdown Prime #1 pretty much confirms what early implications indicated - with a couple of big exceptions.

Say... for instance, like Ultron now holding an Infinity Stone!

Infinity Prime Ultron Infinity Stone

The biggest twist in Infinity Countdown Prime #1 comes when the Magus - Adam Warlock's evil side, who was expected to hold the Soul Stone - is cut down by Ultron, who takes hold of the Sould Stone. We also see Hank Pym, now trapped inside the stone's Soulworld with Gamora

Ultron doesn't just claim this one stone - he's got plans to claim the others, as well. Logan has to protect the Space Stone from an attempted heist by Ultron minions, who are now Borg-like cyborgs, created when organic beings are exposed to the "Ultron virus." If you want to see what it's like when Wolverine can teleport around like Nightcrawler in battle, this is the book for you.

Infinity Countdown Prime 1 Logan vs Ultron Minions

This reveal now makes Ultron (or "Pym-Tron") one of the central villains of Infinity Countdown, and also sets up an interesting arc where Hank Pym could be restored to his classic heroic status. With Marvel's "Fresh Start" relaunch on the horizon, it seems pretty clear that Hank Pym is one hero who will be brought back into the fold. It wouldn't be surprising if he ended up in an adviser role to Scott Lang, just like his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart.

Infinity Countdown Prime #1 is now on stands.