Major Spider-Man Villain Returns

Things are not going so well for Spider-Man in Last Remains, but things are also not going very [...]

Things are not going so well for Spider-Man in Last Remains, but things are also not going very well for the Spider-Man extended family. The Order of the Web has become infected with the sins of Spider-Man's enemies thanks to the actions of Sin-Eater, and a returning Mary Jane quickly ended up in the middle of the battle and almost died in the process. Thankfully she survived, but a still alive Sin-Eater wants to make things even worse for Peter Parker, and so he is enlisting the help of one of his deadliest enemies, whether he wants to help or not. Spoilers incoming for Amazing Spider-Man #51 LR so if you haven't read the issue you've been warned.

Sin-Eater turns out to be alive and well, and despite being apparently killed recently by his master Kindred, he is still sworn to his master. After making an example of one of his followers who tried to take things into his own hands, Sin-Eater reveals his next step, and he's going to turn the very things that created Spider-Man against him.

"Now I do what I am called to do. Though he may reject me, I will never renounce him," Sin-Eater says. "The sins I have gathered have taken a new form, Spiders. They are fearsome and many. They will not be easy to defeat. I will need to become something greater. Something born to hunt them. But the revelation has come to me. I know who I must find first."

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Sin-Eater then reveals who he is talking about, and it's bad news for Spidey. "I will take his sins and, with them, his power. Next, I will cleanse. The one they call Morlun."

Morlun is as deadly as they come for those with Spider-Powers (or totemic powers more specifically). He's imbued with the DNA of every living creature, and has a knack for hunting and feasting on those with totemic powers. He pushed Spider-Man to the absolute limit, and at one point it seemed Spidey was not going to survive the encounter, but he did eventually figure out a way. Despite his survival, having Morlun back in the fold is no laughing matter, and Peter's probably not going to be thrilled once he finds out.

Amazing Spider-Man #51 LR is written by Matthew Rosenberg and Nick Spencer and is drawn by Federico Vicentini, and you can find the official description below.

"The Order of the Web has to find a way to help Peter Parker! But someone is on their trail that is not going to make their quest easy!"

Amazing Spider-Man #51 LR is in comic stores now.

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