Marvel Reveals Surprising New Host of the Phoenix

Those who have been keeping up with Avengers know there's been a frenzied battle over the next [...]

Those who have been keeping up with Avengers know there's been a frenzied battle over the next host of the Phoenix, one put on by the Phoenix itself. It's come down to a small number of heroes, but throughout the series, the Phoenix has shown who it really wants as its next host. That would be T'Challa, the Black Panther, and on the other extreme is Namor, who is the one who wants to become the next Phoenix host the most. That's why it's kind of a shock that neither Black Panther nor Namor end up in the role, and instead, a new host is chosen that will shake things up in some interesting ways, and you can get all the details on the next host below. Spoilers incoming for Avengers #44 so you've been warned.

As the combatants who are left battle it out, we see their Phoenix powers start to diminish, and then a mysterious narrator starts revealing that they've been chosen to be the next host. Towards the beginning of that narration, we learn that getting chosen wasn't about being a winner, as they say "to be the Phoenix, you have to suffer. You have to have fallen. And I certainly fell. Though not without someone giving me a push."

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They then start taking back the Phoenix powers from the remaining heroes, including Namor, who they punch so hard all of the seawater is removed from his body. They say "The Phoenix is drawn to emotion, not strength. It already has all the strength it needs. It can adapt itself to its host, but it has never had a host capable of wielding it in so many different ways. Able to fight in any style. With any weapon."

The power is removed from Black Panther and Captain America, and then the mysterious presence says "Today, for better or worse, I have become that change. My name is Maya Lopez. And I am an Echo of all the fire and life that's come before me. I am the Thunderbird of old and of tomorrow. I am the Phoenix."

Jean Grey reaches out to Maya and tells her to try and not do this alone, warning that the Phoenix will try and isolate her from the things that make her human, but she hopes she can make it her own.

So, Echo is the new Phoenix, and you can check out the spoiler image above.

Avengers #44 is written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Javier Garron, and you can check out the official description below.

"ENTER THE PHOENIX: THE FIERY FINALE! It all comes down to this. The final battle to decide who will wield the awesome cosmic power of the Phoenix Force. You don't want to miss... the debut of the all-new Phoenix!"

Avengers #44 is in stores now.

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