Marvel Introduces New Yellow Hulk

There have been a number of different versions of the Hulk over the years, and you can now add a [...]

There have been a number of different versions of the Hulk over the years, and you can now add a new interaction to the growing list. The newest version of Bruce Banner's Incredible Hulk has appeared in IDW's Marvel Action: Avengers #10, though technically the first appearance was in Marvel Action: Avengers #9. Regardless of which issue you find, you will see not a Green, Grey, or Red Hulk though. Instead, you will see the debut of a Yellow Hulk, and as if you've been keeping up with the series, you know this is because of meddling from A.I.M. Fans have become quite taken with Yellow Hulk, and the issue has already started rising in price on the aftermarket as a result (via Bleeding Cool).

In Marvel Action: Avengers, A.I.M. has started turning creatures known as Fear Eaters into weapons, and as we see in the issue, they've used it on Captain America. Cap is also sporting a new yellow costume and a new name (Captain A.I.M.ERICA), but luckily he doesn't do much damage before Black Panther and Iron Man break the hold A.I.M. has on him.

As they try and escape the A.I.M. facility we see Yellow Hulk, who has received the Yellow coloring because of the Fear Eater process. This version of Hulk is pretty similar to the standard Green version, though he is a bit more primal, giving off a growl as opposed to the limited speech we typically hear from him.

(Photo: IDW/Marvel)

We then see Yellow Hulk lead a team of other A.I.M controlled heroes to Avengers HQ, including Scarlet Witch (Golden Witch), Ant-Man (Ant-Mechanic), Hawkeye (Advanced Idea Marksman), Vision (Artificial Intelligence Mechanic), Wasp (Yellowjacket), and Spider-Man (the Spider-Mechanic).

We don't get to see a full brawl with Yellow Hulk though because it is eventually revealed that all this is actually playing out in Captain American's mind. He is indeed trapped by a Fear Eater, who is making Cap live through a neverending nightmare, and the rest of the Avengers are watching over him as they try and figure out a way to wake him up.

(Photo: IDW/Marvel)

So, odds are we'll see Yellow Hulk really showcase what he can do next issue, but in the meantime, you can check out the official description below.

(W) Matthew K. Manning (A) Marcio Fiorito (CA) Jon Sommariva
A.I.M. has taken over New York City and mind-controlled many of its strongest super heroes! A small band of heroes struggles to fight back… but will they be any match for the Yellow Hulk?! The concluding storyline to the first phase of Marvel Action: Avengers!In Shops: May 20, 2020
SRP: $3.99

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